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phædrus [userpic]

Fuck Censorship

April 23rd, 2010 (11:46 am)

For as long as it lasts, here's the South Park depiction of an Abrahamic prophet that Comedy Central's trying to make go away due to fundamentalist threats.

No one should have to fear for their lives for exercising their right to free speech and when people try and use the threat of violence to silence others, it is important for everyone to stand in support of those under attack if we want this "right" to mean anything.

Or, as Mary Elizabeth Williams says in her Salon article:

O'Reilly is right when he calls Parker and Stone courageous. And the fact that I just wrote that Bill O'Reilly is correct either means that the earth has gone off its axis or that "South Park" is bigger than the left or the right, conservative or radical, or Christian or Muslim. It's American.

Assuming they don't get martyred in the process, Parker and Stone's greatest triumph is that they actually have a chance to wrest the notion of patriotism from the kooks spitting outside the White House and remind us all what it really means. These are two guys quite literally now putting their lives on the line for the ideal that this country was founded on: the right to say whatever the fuck you want without fear of retribution -- but with the acceptance of responsibility for your words and ideas. Patriotism, like comedy, isn't supposed to make anybody comfortable. It doesn't promise not to offend. It's dangerous and scary and it makes people mad because it questions authority. It's powerful stuff. One might even call it revolutionary.
Whether or not you like South Park's comedy, this is a big deal.