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LiveJournal email address

So, sometimes when I have to give out an email address, I make a custom email address so that if it gets spammed, I can turn it off and I know who did it.

So, long ago, before I started this, I gave livejournal one of my regular email addresses - one that is no more or less defunct due to the amount of spam it gets.

A while later, I created lj at isnt.com which I eventually had to redirect to an auto-bounce as it started receiving regular spam.

At that time, I created lj2 at isnt.com which I have now started receiving spam to.

Keep in mind, I have never sent an email from these addresses and the only place I've given it is to my livejournal account. Now THAT email has begun to receive spam as well and will be shut off shortly.

My conclusion: LiveJournal has a leak which allows spammers to get their email addresses. Whether this is a mistake on LiveJournal's part or if they sell their email lists is unknown to me, but I will soon be receiving no emails via LJ.
Redeye Peeling

Call your Senators

If this article (http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2010/04/24/s-510-is-hissing-in-the-grass/#more-1828) is accurate, Bill S 510 is one scary piece of work. For example:
3. It would allow the government, under Maritime Law, to define the introduction of any food into commerce (even direct sales between individuals) as smuggling into “the United States.” [This would cover] food produced anywhere within the land mass of this country and “entering into” it by virtue of being produced.
Or, this:
5. It would remove the right to clean, store and thus own seed in the US, putting control of seeds in the hands of Monsanto and other multinationals...
Senator Amy Klobuchar: http://klobuchar.senate.gov/contactamy.cfm
Senator Al Franken: http://www.franken.senate.gov/contact/
Redeye Peeling

Fuck Censorship

For as long as it lasts, here's the South Park depiction of an Abrahamic prophet that Comedy Central's trying to make go away due to fundamentalist threats.

No one should have to fear for their lives for exercising their right to free speech and when people try and use the threat of violence to silence others, it is important for everyone to stand in support of those under attack if we want this "right" to mean anything.

Or, as Mary Elizabeth Williams says in her Salon article:
O'Reilly is right when he calls Parker and Stone courageous. And the fact that I just wrote that Bill O'Reilly is correct either means that the earth has gone off its axis or that "South Park" is bigger than the left or the right, conservative or radical, or Christian or Muslim. It's American.

Assuming they don't get martyred in the process, Parker and Stone's greatest triumph is that they actually have a chance to wrest the notion of patriotism from the kooks spitting outside the White House and remind us all what it really means. These are two guys quite literally now putting their lives on the line for the ideal that this country was founded on: the right to say whatever the fuck you want without fear of retribution -- but with the acceptance of responsibility for your words and ideas. Patriotism, like comedy, isn't supposed to make anybody comfortable. It doesn't promise not to offend. It's dangerous and scary and it makes people mad because it questions authority. It's powerful stuff. One might even call it revolutionary.
Whether or not you like South Park's comedy, this is a big deal.

Bike Camping April 23 - April 25

My friend Keith is a bit of a bicyclist and enjoys bike camping.

He's doing a weekend trip later this month - leaving sometime in the late morning on Friday April 23 and returning home sometime in the evening of Sunday April 25th.

The idea is to take a back road route from Hudson WI to LaCrosse WI and back guerilla camping along the way. If anyone who chooses to accompany him doesn't have the legs for it (it would take something close to 100 miles a day to do it), he's fine with cutting the mileage short but prefers not to cut the duration of the trip short.

Anyway, if this sounds like something you'd be interested in joining him on, contact him. If you don't have his contact info, contact me and I'll put you in touch with him. Sadly, I can't join him this time around, but have done a few of these through the years and they tend to be fun.
Spirit Wolf

Job Opportunities

As far as places to work go, I think mine is pretty decent.

We've got a couple of openings that we're currently hiring for:


The page lists three, but the back end software developer position is probably already filled.

Web Developer :


Senior Web Developer :


Anyway, the UMN application system kind of sucks, but I think the opportunities are decent.